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    Global Coffee Co. is an innovative cafe concept developed by inspiring minds and passion-filled hearts. We are determined to make a difference within our community and throughout the globe!
    We fervently strive to provide freshly roasted coffee, unparalleled espresso- based drinks, specialty beverages, gourmet food items, and more.
    We aspire to cultivate a warm atmosphere where we engage our customers in a caring community, while introducing them to St. Johns, MI's superior coffee experience.
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Coffee & Tea

Our coffee & tea selections are passionately prepared to perfection for your maximum enjoyment. The coffee we serve is of uncommon quality, skillfully presented in a unique, comfortable surrounding as we strive to lovingly serve our customers in the best way possible.


Our cool, refreshing smoothies make for a great pick-me-up on a hot day. All our smoothie drinks are fresh, healthy fruit smoothies. We have a variety of flavors, so no matter what your taste is, you should find an option you love! Try out some of our organic acai bowls with our drinks as well!


Global Coffee Co believes that our donuts are simply the best sweet treats around, and we're proud to have them available fresh in our coffee shop. All our donuts are baked fresh daily and come from the well-known and famous Cops & Doughnuts Bakery that everyone loves! Come into our St. Johns, MI location today and try for yourself!

Baked goods
Baked Goods

Our fresh baked goods are a delight for the eyes, nose, and taste buds alike. Bagels, muffins, and more are yours to enjoy at Global Coffee Co, made fresh daily from Cops & Doughnuts! Other goods also consist of fresh avocado toast and honey cinnamon-peanut butter banana toast, as well as cookies baked in-house.

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We believe that coffee is a fascinating global phenomenon. For some, inspiration comes from thinking about what's in a cup of coffee, how it got there, and why it tastes the way it does. Here, everything about the coffee matters - from the people, the origin, the elevation of the farm, and the processing, all the way to the meticulous brew. Coffee culture is compelling and it's inspiring to think about the in-depth process that goes into each cup!

We not only want to serve others, but to share the story that every cup of coffee desperately wants to tell- - about its region, altitude, climate, soil and how it is produced. That story unfolds in the language of flavor in each cup! We strive to highlight the exceptional coffee that is produced around the world and use our expertise to craft it for others to enjoy! Our job is to bring out it’s potential and our passion is to bring it to you! Our hope is for others to join in with us to make a difference within the community and throughout the globe.

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